Notion planning kit: streamline your life without putting yourself in a box

Elena Kozliakova
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Put all the puzzle pieces of your life together with ease all in one place. No more hours spent searching for "that important document". Confidently organize your ideas, resources and deadlines in one powerful tool.

What's included:

✔️   Notion Basics mini-training to help you navigate the tool and identify your life planning structure.

✔️   The Life Organizer Template based on my 6 step D.A.P.R.I.A. framework to design your all in one productivity hub.

✔️   Video overview of the templates included so you can examine the "puzzle pieces" you need to put in place to boost your productivity according to your personality.

✔️ Notion customization workshop to help you develop your own structure that meets your needs and suites your lifestyle.

Plus these exclusive bonuses!

➕ Tag library to use across your workspace for easy navigation and search.

➕ Custom curated icon collection to save you time and make planning process fun and enjoyable

What people say:

“Elena helped me to set up processes for teams in Notion. She is knowledgeable and attentive to details. She asks questions when I can't formulate myself what is required. She looks at the essence of the tasks and digs deep to perform the best implementation possible. I am glad to work with her and highly recommend her”.
~ Alexey, HR

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What you get

• Notion Basics training
(Value $19)
• Life Organizer Template
(Value $47)
• Template tour video
(Value $9)
• Notion customization workshop
(Value $19)
+ Bonus: Live Notion Planning training
(Value $79)
+ Bonus: Tag library
(Value $15)
+ Bonus: Icon collection
(Value $7)
Value: $195
Today's price: $27

Notion planning kit: streamline your life without putting yourself in a box

0 ratings
I want this!